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Safety Hawk – Truth About It

The Falcon Group participated in the annual Dragon Boat at Boat Club in Shrewsbury Pengwern Sunday, June 30 safety hawk
The day was with Severn Hospice, Severn Hospice is an organization that cares for people with complex and progressive disease.

There were 27 boats in total and each boat had 17 companions (16 rowers and a master drummer) safety hawk. Falcon has so far raised € 783.00 for the cause and the money keeps coming aiming to raise over £ 1,000.

The day began at 09:00, when the team met and put the tent and barbecue. All participants were sent to their safety briefing to ensure that the event took place as well as possible for everyone to know safety hawk what to do if something were to go wrong (thankfully it did not).

After the initial presentations of the entire Hawk team put on their shirts and prepared their costumes (hats Hi-Vis and hard) for the first race. The first race was completed in 1 minute 26.76 seconds safety hawk but lost this race team that hit soon got what they deserved after sank shortly after crossing the finish line.

Safety hawk and hard strokes
The second race was finished in 1 minute 27.94 seconds, and again very fast, even if some of the team members are intimidated by women who took the helm shouting “long hard strokes.” Also faster than the times were, unfortunately, were not enough to reach the next round safety hawk, it was a tough competition.

All races were in good Hawks team stood around and enjoy the sun and barbecue while watching the other races safety hawk. The team really enjoyed the day and we are very pleased that can help raise funds and awareness for this wonderful charity.

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